May is an exciting time at IFF as we celebrate Brain Tumor Awareness month and help to bring attention to the facts about pediatric brain tumors.  All month we will be sharing facts and information to help bring awareness about brain tumors and our efforts to support pediatric brain tumor research.

This month IFF is thrilled to announce great news about IFF-supported research resulting from the Ian’s Friends Foundation Brain Tumor Biorepository at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!

  • Investigators have discovered a new mutation in the MET oncogene in pediatric glioblastoma, and preliminary results show that the cancer cells harboring this mutation are highly sensitive to drug inhibitors of MET.
  • Identifying the key mutations of the cancer stem cells will allow for a tailored treatment plan based on the individual’s genetic “stem cell profile” of their disease and represents great promise in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors.
  • This lab also recently expanded to include the study of pediatric brain cancer stem cells.
  • This research will focus on identifying the genetic profiles of the brain cancer stem cells and their corresponding drug sensitivity profiles at the single cell level.
The recent IFF Brain Tumor Biorepository expansion and groundbreaking discovery was made possible because of funding from Ian’s Friends Foundation and represents a “win” for every child affected by glioblastoma. IFF thanks all of you; your generous support and funds have led to the success of this recent, exciting find!