2015 Evening of Inspiration Sponsors



The Marcus Foundation

Chad Rosenberg


The Asarch Family & Connor’s Pars for Pennies

Cheryl and Phil Yagoda


The Lewis, Kuranoff, Selig and Shoulberg Families

Helen and David Zalik


Shannon, Caroline and Kevin Cox

Aron Streit, Inc.

Beth and Andrew Tarica

Ruth and Gregg Freishtat

Henry and Etta Raye Hirsch Heritage Foundation: Lisa and Seth Greenberg, Etta Raye Hirsch, Michele and David Hirsch

Anonymous Donor

Kimberly and Richard Kopelman
Kimberly and Richard Kopelman


Anonymous Donor

Rita and Arthur Bodner

Kimberly and Jason Joffe

Allison and Lenny Olim

Kelli and Steven Rosenwasser

Hollie and Barak Zukerman

Laurie and Michael Kogon

Morris Family Foundation: Michael Morris

Michelle and Rob Leven

Michael Latour
Michael Latour


Rachel and Jay Abt

Lara and Michael Balser

Mara and Justin Berman

Joel Butler

Staci and Matt Brill

Margaret and Jake Bryant

Donna and Michael Coles

Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care

Viki and Paul Freeman

Corky and Roger Gelder

Chari and Michael Kornheiser

David Kuniansky

Susan Shoulberg Martos

Beth and Edward Sugarman

Phyllis and Eliot Arnovitz

Debbie and David Dermer

Kimberly and Marc Glenn

Barbara Kaufman

Tracey and Sammy Grant

Mr. Joel Lobel and Ms. Debbie Smith

Lois Kuniansky

Sara and Evan Loft

Erin Ostrow

Kelley and Tom Mattinson

Ellen Arnovitz and Michael Plasker

Shannon and Jeffrey Sugarman

Ashley and Roger Woodman

Dulcy and Jerry Rosenberg

Lauren and Joel Shapiro

Brian York

Dr. Shivani Bhatia
Dr. Shivani Bhatia