May is Brain Tumor Awareness month and IFF is proud to share a month of information about our efforts to support brain tumor research and awareness. Specifically, IFF is thrilled to announce the funding of 2 new research projects at our affiliate labs with Georgia Institute of Technology and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Both projects represent great promise in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors:

Tumor Targeting Vaccine: This novel project, hosted at Georgia Institute of Technology’s research labs, is focused on developing a tumor seeking vaccine that has 2 distinguishing features: (a) the vaccine “pursues” the tumor cells; and (b) the vaccine alerts the host immune system and induces tumor death.

Attacking the Cancer Stem Cell to Eradicate Pediatric Brain Tumors: Hosted at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, this research will focus on identifying the genetic profiles of the cancer stem cells and their corresponding drug sensitivity profiles. This will allow for a tailored treatment plan based on the individual’s genetic profile of their disease.

As always, IFF is grateful to the doctors and researchers developing these projects and we are honored to be supporting their work. Our work is not possible without your generous donations – thank you for all you do to support Ian’s Friends Foundation.