Ian’s Friends Foundation is thrilled to announce our second WhatIFF Symposium for pediatric brain tumor research!

Top clinicians and researchers in the field will be invited to present their ideas on how to put an end to brain tumors. Each attendee will have the opportunity to vote on the most exciting and innovative ideas and the top projects will be funded by IFF next year.

Event Details

  • When? September 13-14, 2019
  • Where? Hotel Intercontinental Atlanta (Buckhead)
  • Who? Over 70 of the top clinicians and researchers in the pediatric neurology field will be invited to participate.
  • Why? Ian’s Friends Foundation’s goal is to cure pediatric brain tumors/cancer NOW, and the current funding mechanisms appear too slow to get us to that goal in real-time. We are hoping to break down research barriers and support ideas and collaborations that otherwise may be considered too risky, in order to accelerate our objective of finding new treatments and cures for pediatric brain tumors.
  • How? This meeting will be a two-day “shark tank style” symposium.  We are looking for innovative therapeutic methodologies and treatments for pediatric brain tumors. Ideas should be truly “out of the box”, potentially “paradigm changing”, and scientifically sound ideas, but ones that may not be traditionally funded through NIH mechanisms due to being too high risk or highly conceptual or creative yet without the extent of preliminary data that is typically needed for NIH funded mechanisms. Cross-institutional collaborative ideas or teams within institutions are also encouraged. Each attendee will have 5 minutes to present their idea, and the other attendees will have the chance to ask questions and provide feedback. At the end of the meeting, all attendees will have the opportunity to vote on the best ideas. The top three ideas to receive votes will receive up to $125,000 each from Ian’s Friends Foundation to turn their idea into reality.

We need your help!

  • Become a sponsor. View sponsorship opportunities here.
  • Volunteer. IFF is looking for volunteers to serve as “IFF Ambassadors” at our WhatIFF Symposium. We hope to show the researchers and clinicians a little bit of southern hospitality by assigning each attendee an ambassador who will help arrange transportation to and from the airport and be available to answer any questions. We will provide you with a “handbook” of all the information you will need to know to help. IFF Ambassadors will also help with transportation (likely Thursday evening and Saturday evening), and will sign up for a shift to volunteer at the Symposium.

If you have questions, ideas, want to learn more, or want to be involved, please contact cheryl@iansfriendsfoundation.com to learn more.