The 2019 WhatIFF Symposium was a huge success!

The two-day “shark tank style” symposium was held in September. Its goal is to uncover innovative therapeutic methodologies and treatments for pediatric brain tumors. Nearly 50 participants, all top researchers and doctors in this field, shared ideas that were truly “out of the box” and potentially “paradigm changing.” Each attendee had 5 minutes to present their idea and then the other attendees had the chance to ask questions and provide feedback. At the end of the meeting, all attendees voted on the best ideas and IFF funded the top three to help turn these ideas into reality.

We started the WhatIFF Symposium to support our goal to cure pediatric brain tumors/cancer NOW. With the current funding mechanisms appearing to be too slow to get us to that goal in real-time, WhatIFF helps bring together top minds to share ideas and move them forward. At each Symposium, we hope to break down research barriers and support ideas and collaborations that otherwise may be considered too risky, in order to accelerate our objective of finding new treatments and cures for pediatric brain tumors.

Our 2019 WhatIFF winning ideas are:

  • Scott Floyd M.D., Ph.D and Shawn Hingtgen, Ph.D from Duke University and University of North Carolina
  • Lena Kutscher Ph.D from German Cancer Research Center
  • Pedro Lowenstein M.D., Ph.D from University of Michigan

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